January Bullet Journal, Goals for the New Year!

Bullet Journal

Hey there!

So this year I decided to start (and finish) a bullet journal. I’ve tried to start one before but they just failed so I’m really hoping that I can finish this one. So for January I decided to go with a mountain kind of wooded theme.

Here’s my starting page I really like it except for the splotches ( that’s what happens when your journal and your hairs wet!)

I like having a calendar so I can see what’s going on even though I don’t really anything going on in my life😜

I decided to a year in pixels page because I just thought that it was a good idea kind of to keep track of my moods 😂

Okay so I am going to have more pages but it takes time.


Goals, goals, goals, at the beginning of every year every person has goals and I give sooooo much credit to the people who accomplish those. Go You!! But for me I always make goals and then forget about them…… so this year one of my goals is to hopefully complete all my goals. So here are my goals:

1. Take time every day not just during devotions to grow closer to God

2. To read 12 books I’ve never read before

3. To consistently work out ( I know this is on everybody’s list)

4. Get over my fear of flying

5. Be more outgoing

I hope you all have an amazing year and accomplish all your goals! Happy New Year!

With Love,


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