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Friendship is something that every person needs in there live some people need more friendships than others. But for me I go through this routine where every couple of months I complain about having no friends. Sure I have friends but I guess I always wanted the friends that I could tell stuff to hang out with and my sister Kira would always remind me that I was only 13, but I guess I never got it until I went though the phase again. I was complaining and everyone was telling me the same thing I was only 13 and I’ll have more friends when I’m older. It then my sister Kayelyn told me that it was better to have four quarters then 100 pennies. I didn’t get what she meant at all (typical me) but I realized what she meant. She pretty much meant that it’s better to have just a few good friend then a bunch of friends. And the more I thought about it the more I understood. So yes I will still probably complain( even though I haven’t done it in a while) but I guess I realized that I don’t have to have as many friends as my siblings but I should just be grateful for the friendships that I do have. Ever since then I’m seeing that the few good friends I have are the ones I can confide things in!

With Love,


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