Contemporary/ I need your help!

women doing ballet dance near pole

Hey There,

So recently I decided to take a break from ballet and try something different. So after looking at different options I decided to try contemporary. I was a little skeptical because I has never tried anything else than ballet and I didn’t think I’d be that good, but to be honest it wasn’t that bad and I’m surprisingly pretty decent at it.

Now I don’t like it as much as ballet but I love the feeling using the moves to dance to the song. It’s a much more “freeing” I guess you could say, type of  dance. I like it a lot and I definitely  want to do more of it.

So as you may have noticed I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to lately. And it’s because i have no idea what to post about. So I need your help for ideas. Please put your ideas in the comments (the more ideas the better). Thank you!

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Contemporary/ I need your help!

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  1. Contemporary is fun, and it is great that you tried something new! 🙂
    As for post ideas… You could share a memory or favorite vacation, quotes, playlist, something you have learned recently, or advice. When I am really struggling with inspiration, I look up post ideas on the internet.

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