Top 10 Favorites!

Hey There,

Thank you to all of you who gave me ideas! It helped a LOT! So this post idea was from my sister Kira. Thank You 😊!

Here are my top 10 favorite things!

Sweatshirts: Let me just say…..I absolutely LOVE sweatshirts! There so comfortable and soft and you can either have super big comfy ones or really cute fashionable ones!

Starbucks: I know typical teenager! But yeah it’s amazing 😉

Jesus: I mean who doesn’t love Jesus! My parents have always wanted us kids to have Jesus a big part of our life which I am truly grateful for!

Dance: Dance has always been something that’s always there for me, so it would be really hard to give it up even though I love it 😍

Art: I love art! Enough said

Siblings: I mean come on we know we love all of them, but admit it we all have a favorite 😂

World of Dance: It’s like my absolute favorite show!

Summer: I love winter and snow but cold weather can get kind of boring (lol)

The Giver: I highly recommend this movie it’s the best movie EVER!

Wonder: Amazing book!

With Love,


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