Siblings, Starbucks, and Sports

Hey There,

This past week was a blast! Not just because my parents weren’t home ( I’ll get to that later) but because I got to spend a LOT of time alone with my siblings that were home. It definitely tested me to be more patient….a lot more….but let me just get into what we did this week. ( this is going to be a long post)

My parents, two brothers, and my little sister Lily where in Springfield, MO for the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Tournament. So that left me my sisters Kira and Kayelyn and my brother Nate home and we had a pretty exciting week.


So on Monday we really didn’t do anything except go grocery shopping and went to the library( I know not very interesting but it gets better๐Ÿ˜œ)


Tuesday I babysat in the morning and then had an orthodontist appointment, which I had some good news from that. And then me and my sister kira went over two a friends house and went shopping at the mall!


Wednesday Nate had physical therapy for his shoulder (he had surgery on it) so me and Kira sat and did our school well we waited. Then because we didn’t have breakfast that morning we went and got smoothies which tasted sooo good and then went home until like 6:30 then I went to dance.


Okay this is going to be a long one! So on Thursday (as you heard on my post on Thursday) we were at Starbucks for awhile and watched one of my brothers games.

My cute date๐Ÿ˜‚

Then after we were done we went for a walk because it was 65 degrees out!! It was so beautiful!

After that we went to our downtown and took some photos and did a little shopping ๐Ÿ˜‚ ( don’t judge…I wasn’t really trying)

Then later that night me and my sisters went to Freddy’s to get frozen custard!


On Friday we just cleaned the house in the morning and then my cousins came over to spend the night! We made brownies in a mug and then watched a movie!


Saturday morning we made pancakes in and then watched my brothers basketball game that was live streamed! And then we dropped of my cousins at their bakery and then went to Starbucks again!

So durning all of this my brothers team was playing at nationals and they won the whole thing for 14u!

So at the end of the week we definitely got annoyed by each other a lot but it was a super fun week for the most part๐Ÿ˜œ

With Love,


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