Father Daughter Banquet

Hey There,

So yesterday the 10th Annual Father Daughter Banquet! Me, my sisters, and dad have gone all 10 years! It’s hard to believe that the first year I went I was only 4 and now I’m 13! So I wanted to tell you a little bit about the night and preparation.

It all started Sunday afternoon. A bunch of girls from my church went over to one of their houses and practiced makeup and hair. Which was so fun!

Monday was normal(aka school and do laundry) until about 2:00 when I stared getting ready. I did my makeup, which I wish I had taken a picture of and then chilled for a little while well my sister did my other sisters hair. Once she was done she did mine, which once again I wish I had taken a picture of. I got my dress on and picked out some jewelry to wear and we went to the banquet. Every year they always have you take pictures right when you get there so this is the one of me and my dad.

We had a super good dinner, played some games, and then the speaker (Tod Wilson) spoke for a little while. Then the dancing started! We danced until 10:00 and then we had to leave. It was definitely a super fun night!

Here’s some pictures of me and friends!

Me and my friend Alaina!❤️

Me and Norah💗

With Love,


P.s. my dress was from T.J. Max

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