A stressful, tiring, awesome week!


After much walking, getting up early, talking a lot, and not sleeping much, a super fun week came to a close. This last week( Wednesday-Sunday) me and my family went to our State’s annual home school convention. My mom is the exhibit hall coordinator and all of my siblings and I are on the convention crew which means that we are running around a lot of the time. But besides the fact that we were all exhausted it was definitely a super fun week!

I stepped out of my shell a lot that week! Which i’m not going to lie, when my family got home all I wanted to do was hide in my room and not talk to anybody. But I made two really great friends and talked to a lot of random people!

After the convention was done on Saturday about 150 people played volleyball in a big field house! Which was super fun! Even though I absolutely stink at volleyball I still had a tone of fun! Here is a picture after I was done playing and just watching with a friend!



Have you ever been to a home school convention? Have you ever played volleyball? Tell me in the comment section!

P.s. Get ready for some super fun posts coming up!

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  1. You all worked so hard! Thank you for all your help. You’re one of my go to girls to get things done! All of those great friendships are just a benefit of serving the Lord at the convention. I hope they will last you a lifetime and you will continue to serve Christ for all that time as well!

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