I’ll See You In Seattle!

Hey All,

Yup. It’s officially around 10 days till I face my fear of flying!😬 In about 10 day’s I’ll fly for the first time. In about 10 day’s it will be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been. And in about 10 day’s I’ll be having the best vacation ever! I’ll be scared of course(I mean who wouldn’t) but I’ll have my family with me and it will be a blast! From hiking on Mount Rainier, swimming and seeing the ocean for the first time, going to the first ever Starbucks( hopefully😂), and seeing my cousin get married it will be amazing.

With Love,


P.s. I would love to have your prayers for me and my family for safe travels! And also that I won’t get freaked out on the plane!

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