Camping Favorites!

ash blaze bonfire burn

Hey There,

Even though I don’t like getting dirty and I like my air conditioning. There’s just something I love about camping. Maybe it’s the feeling of wake up every morning in a sweatshirt and smelling the camp fire or it’s just being able to be outside in the fresh air all day long. Regardless I love it and if you haven’t been camping then you’re missing out. So without further ado lets get into my camping favorites.


Camping food is the best! So here are some of my favorite foods to have while camping!

S’mores (I mean who doesn’t like them) but try replacing the chocolate with a Reeses

Trail Mix, I love this stuff so much. With M&M’s, peanuts, and raisins it’s amazing.

Roasted Potatoes are a one of my families favorites, especially with onions!

This thing I have no idea what its called, but pretty much you take an ice cream cone and just dump chocolate chips, marshmallows, strawberry’s and pretty much anything into it, wrap it in foil, put it into the fire and then wallah! Its AMAZING!



Clothes during camping it interesting. You never wind up wearing what you planned and you never bring enough with. But here somethings that I wear that never fail to look good.

Sweatshirts!! You can always count on sweatshirts while camping * or just being like me and wear them  all the time even when its 85 degrees out*

Leggings are such a good thing to wear while camping. They’re easy to move in and comfortable.

Slides or what ever you call them are the number 1 shoe that I wear during camping.



I know this may sound weird but there’s just some feelings during camping that you just can’t get enough of. Here’s some of mine.

The feeling of just staring into the camp fire at night is so mesmerizing.

The feeling of looking up at all the stars at night.

The feeling of not having to care about how you look * lol*

The feeling of being outside 24/7

Have you been camping? What are some of your favorite things while camping?







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