My Birthday Surprise!

Hey Everyone!

So I know this post is really late. But i’m finally able to write and tell you about it! So the Friday before my birthday my sister surprised with a photo shoot! One of our friends is amazing at taking photos so we went to our town downtown area and did a photo shoot! Here’s some of the pictures!

By the way i’m not going to do all of them because it would be a VERY long post.

For the first outfit we kind of did a “nature” so to speak shoot



IMG_9561 IMG_9585 (1)

After those pictures I changed my outfit and we took the pictures in the downtown area


IMG_9626Β I LOVE this picture! My eyes look so blue!





I love this one! Also don’t ask me what that weird looking bird thing is in the window!lol

IMG_9711 IMG_9730

This is my absolute favorite photo!

Anyway I know this is pretty late but I am so happy of how they turned out!

Thank you Kira (aka my sister) and Savannah (aka our friend who took the photos) for the surprise! I love ya!

Which was your favorite? Have you ever done a photo shoot? Let me know in the comments!



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