Fall Playlist|Q and A!

Hey Peoples!

I’ve always wanted to do a playlist post but I was never able to come up with a bunch of songs that I liked. But lately I’ve been on this music spree. So I know theses song aren’t very “fall” ish but ya know. Who cares! 😂

. Another in the Fire -Hillsong United

. Run to the Father – Cody Carnes

. Yes I Will – Vertical Worship

. King of Kings -Hillsong Worship

. Fighting for Me – Riley Clemmons

. O come to the Alter – Elevation Worship

. No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music

. Broken Vessels – Hillsong Worship

If you didn’t notic….I like worship music……a lot!! I highly recommend these songs!

Anyway on a completely different note. I’m going to do a Q and A! So leave all your questions in the comments! Do has many as you’d like….I’ll probably answer all of them!



What’s your favorite type of music? Have you heard these songs? Make sure to comment below!

9 thoughts on “Fall Playlist|Q and A!

Add yours

  1. I barely listen to songs anymore aah I don’t recognize these. They seem great though.
    Ooh some questions:
    1). most painful thing someone said to you?
    2). kindest thing someone said to you?
    3). last time you felt betrayed?
    4). what do you wish was unlimited?
    5). are there people in your life you haven’t forgiven? why?
    6). dream job?
    7). what is your purpose in life?
    OKAY this is too deep haha.

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