Q and A!

My last post I asked you for questions for a Q and A! So here’s all the questions I got asked!

How’s school going?

Its good! But high school is a lot harder than I thought😂

Who’s your favorite cousin?

That’s tough……I don’t really know😜

If you were to go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I have always wanted to go to Italy! It looks so pretty there! But if I went somewhere tropical it would definitely be Bora Bora!

Dream job?

I don’t have a specific job I want to do but I know that I really want to work with kids with special needs. So like a speech pathologist or something!

What’s your favorite thing to bake?

Probably cookies. Mainly cause there good….but also because they’re the only thing that will turn out good for me!

Favorite thing about fall?

Literally everything!!!!

What do you like to do in your free time?

A lot of times I just draw or do hand lettering, but lately I’ve been really into reading and working out….which is surprising cause I normally don’t work out

Am I your favorite Denner?

If you don’t know Cassia asked this question. So yes obviously! Or Olivia 😂😜

What’s the most painful thing someone has said to you?

Honestly I don’t know……probably like “I hate you” when I was little. But if someone did I don’t remember. Lol

Kindest thing someone has said to you?

So I was going to say like “I love you” or like” you look beautiful” but then I remembered a note my mom put under my pillow last year which was the sweetest/kindest thing. So I know it’s no verbal but I think it counts

Have you ever felt betrayed?

I don’t maybe when I was little or something 😂

What do you wish was unlimited?

I could go on and on about stuff but I’d probably just have to stick with ice cream

Are there any people in your life you haven’t forgiven?

I’m sure there are. And if I find out that I haven’t then I want to make sure that I do

What’s your purpose in life?

My purpose is life is to glorify God in everything I say and do. To honor Him and to live my life for Him.


Ice cream all the way 100%

Early morning or late night?

Early mornings for sure….I normally go to bed at like 9:30. 10:00 at the latest. I just like my rest😂

What’s your favorite: bracelet or watch?

Probably bracelet…..unless it’s like a fitness watch or something

Favorite song and/or band?

My favorite song right know is Another in the Fire by Hillsong United

That’s all the questions! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you ever done a q and a? Feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments!



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