My 10 Winter Essentials!

Hey Everyone!!

If it where up to me I would be posting about Christmas/winter at the beginning of October( yes I know go ahead and judge😂) but for your sake I’ve decided not to do it until after Thanksgiving 😢. So………..ITS CHRISTMAS TIME PEOPLE!!

Anyway (sorry about that little rant) let’s get into the post!

. Lip Balm

My lips get so chapped during the winter so it’s really important for me to have some on hand. My favorite is Burt’s Bee’s lip balm.

. Cabin Socks/ Slippers

If your like me, than you’d agree that your feet get so cold. This is my way of keeping them warm.

. Hot Chocolate

Let me just say….HOT CHOCOLATE IS AMAZING! My favorite is the white chocolate or peppermint.

. Pom Pom Hat

Not only are these super cute and stylish, but they keep you warm!

. Holiday Lotion

My hand get really dry durning winter so having lotion is key! My favorites are from Bath and Body Works!

. Candles

Okay I wouldn’t say this is an “essential” but having a good smelling candle in your room is AMAZING!

. Christmas Pajama Pants

Having these are awesome! They’re fun, festive, and comfortable! Perfect for winter time!

. Frizzy Hair Gel

My hair can get frizzy during the winter sometimes, I have no idea why. So having this stuff is amazing!

. Hand Sanitizer

Especially cause during the winter you get sick easier and since I babysit kids this is 100% an essential.

. Sweaters/ Sweatshirts

I love wearing these because the comfortable and easy to slip on!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be doing just Christmas/Winter post for the rest of the year unless I decide to change it up!

What are your essentials? Are you excited for Christmas? Tell me in the comments!



7 thoughts on “My 10 Winter Essentials!

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  1. Fun list, Ainsley!! I like socks a lot. I always, and I mean ALWAYS walk around the house with them on. I just can’t not wear them! 😀 Yes, I’m super excited for Christmas!! Since Thanksgiving is officially over, I’ve finally pulled out…the Christmas music! And, we’ve already put up the lights. We’re getting into Christmas over here!

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