12 Day’s of Blogmas!| Day 3 and 4

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I was super busy and I wort my post but didn’t publish it! But I promise to post every day until the end. Anyway lets get into the actual posts.

Day 3

I love making gingerbread houses! They’re so fun to make and super cute! Every year my family makes gingerbread houses on Christmas day, so i’m always looking for ideas to decorate it! Here’s some that I found on Pinterest that I really want to do!


This one looks adorable!


I definitely could never do this but it looks so pretty!


Okay so I know this technically isn’t a “gingerbread” house but this looks so cute!


This looks so perfect! You can tell the person who made this put a lot of time in it!

Day 4

Lets get into today’s post!

So I know that everyone is posting a teen girl gift guide. But I thought it would still be fun to do!

*All of the pictures are from Pinterest*


. Sherpa Jacket

As someone who has 2 of these, loves sweatshirts, and wants to be comfy but cute these are a perfect idea! And they aren’t that expensive! * it does consider on the brand for the price*


. Skin Care Products

I think for most girls taking care of their skin is so important these day. So I think skin care products are a really good idea!



I love scrunchies! They don’t pull out a bunch of your hair when you’re taking them out and they look super cute!


. Anything Adidas

Adidas clothing is super popular right now! There clothes are so nice!


. Vans

These are on the more expensive side of things. But I got a pair of the white canvas vans for my birthday this year and I LOVE them!

I know it’s not a lot but I wanted to do something different then what people have already done so that’s why there’s not a lot.

Did you enjoy these posts? D you want me to show you what my gingerbread house looks like on Christmas? What do you want for Christmas? Let me know in the comments?







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