12 Day’s of Blogmas| Day 9 and 10

yellow string lights

Hey Everyone!

Once again I didn’t post yesterday! But that’s because I wasn’t home all day and I didn’t really have a computer. Anyway please forgive me again and lets get into the posts!

Days 9

Do you ever feel like when you decorate your house for Christmas the whole house is decorated but you bedroom? Well that’s what me and my sister felt like last year. So we decided to try and decorate our room, but still not spend a ton of money on decorations. So here’s some things that we do to decorate our room but still not spend a lot of money.

. Lights

Most likely after you decorate your house you still have a stand or two left. This is a cute way and is super inexpensive!

. Tree

Christmas tree’s can be tricky. You either can find a really good one and spend a lot of money, or find one you think is good and is super cheep and it’s awful. So if you go to Home Depot they have really good small Christmas tree’s for a REALLY good price!

. Garland

You can pretty much find garland anywhere. But a good place is the Dollar Store and a thrift store!

. Random

For everything else, little signs, ornaments, etc. Go to the Dollar Store! They have amazing decorations there! You do have to be careful because somethings are cheep and fall apart. But almost everything is super good!


Day 10

I love hand lettering! It’s so fun and relaxing! And during the Christmas season i’m always trying to find new ideas to do! So I’ve found some super cute ideas for you to hand letter during the Christmas season!







I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you’ve decorated you room or have done Christmas hand lettering!





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