A Challenge for February!

Hey Everyone!

Have you ever seen those pictures on Instagram or Pinterest where there’s a sticky note on a mirror or a note in a book? Well most of the time they’re notes of encouragement to people and lately I’ve been wanting to do the same! They always seem to make peoples day and encourage them! So with that being said!











The Encouragement of February Challenge!!!!

This is a challenge for ANYONE! There’s no sign up sheet and no prize, this is all just for the love of making peoples day and encouraging them! I really just want to see people making other peoples day! So here are the rules!

. Write a note, bible verse, encouraging phrase, etc

. Put it in a place where people wouldn’t expect ( books, mirrors, stores, on cars)

. Do as many as you like

. At the end of the month write a blog post showing what you put in places!

It’s that easy! Here’s some examples that I made of what you can put in places!

. Hand lettering

. Bookmarks

. Encouraging Notes

. Bible Verses

I hope you enjoy doing this! I’m really excited about placing these around my city!

Are you gong to do this? Have you done anything like this before? Let me know in the comments!



12 thoughts on “A Challenge for February!

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  1. YAYY!!!! So excited for this! 😉 This is a wonderful challenge! 😉 I’ll let you know what I end up doing! I got your card the other day (Wednesday) and I mailed you a responce on Wednesday evening! ;D Love Bronwyn

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  2. Ahh I just watched Thoraya’s one million acts of kindness video and I’m so excited to do this. Little notes can go a long way and I feel that they stick the most in a world full of general compliments over text. Love it!!

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