My Musical Playlist!

Hey Everyone!!!!

I hope you are all having an amazing day!

So I did a playlist post back in the fall and all of them were worship music. Which I perfectly fine because I LOVE worship music but I think it’s time for another playlist post! And this time it’s all from musicals!

I’ve been loving to listen to musicals and I’ve been listening to a bunch of music since I’m cooped up in my house. And I kind of figured that a lot of you are the same, so here is my musical playlist!


Ahhhhh! I love this musical! My sister got me hooked on the music and I’m so happy she did! It’s AMAZING! Some of my favorite song are:

Aaron Bur, Sir

Guns and Ships

Your Obedient Servant

And a lot moreπŸ˜‚


So my friend and I watched this movie and I instantly fell in love with the sound track! It’s 100% a favorite! Here’s some of my favorites:

I Can Here The Bells

The Nicest Kids in Town

The Legend of Miss Baltimore

High School Musical 2

Okay we can all agree that no matter which movie of High School Musical 1,2, or 3 the music is amazing! But I’ve been really into the second soundtrack right now! Here’s some of my favorites:

I Don’t Dance


I Gotta Go My Own Way

Teen Beach

This is the most catchy musical ever!! The songs are so good! I would definitely listen to this! Here’s once again some of my favorites:

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Surf’s Up

Falling for Ya

Beauty and the Beast

This. Is. Awesome! The soundtrack is so prefect and the voices are amazing! Again here are some of my favoritesπŸ˜‚:

Beauty and the Beast *classicπŸ˜‚*



Well that’s all I have for you guys! I hope you can use these songs to keep you entertained while you’re stuck at home! I hope you have a good weekend!

Have your heated any of these songs? What’s your favorite musical? Let me know in the comments!



13 thoughts on “My Musical Playlist!

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  1. AHH I almost screamed when I saw High School Musical here. I mean, its been SO longg.
    And Beauty and the Beast is simply exotic too. I adore both so much!

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  2. High School Musical and Teen Beach Movie are iconic and extremely nostalgic so I’m glad you mentioned them! Great choices and the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack is perfect in every way.

    Liked by 1 person

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