June BuJo!!!!!

Okay whaaaaatttt!

Guys it’s almost June!😧

I thought being in quarantine would feel like forever but like, wow! This year has flown by so fast!

But anyway, it’s the end of the month which means it’s time for my monthly bullet journal post! Yay!

cover page

I actually like my cover page this month! I am so happy how the lemons turned out! I normally put a quote on the side which I did but it looked AWFUL! So I decided to make like a little collage! I think it turned out super cute!

mood tracker/ doodle page

I love my mood tracker page. It’s super simple and cute. But the doodle page….i’m not going to lie… I hate it. I thought it would turn out cute but it honestly didn’t. But it’s okay I learned my lesson not to do it again!

weekly spread

I am really happy how this turned out! I normally hate my weekly spreads but I actually really enjoy this months!


For my last page I decided to go with a playlist page! I see them everywhere and I think it’s really cute! I also couldn’t think of anything else to put on the other page so if you have any ideas tell me!

And that’s all! Hope you guys all have a great June!

What’s your bullet journal theme? Let me know in the comments!



36 thoughts on “June BuJo!!!!!

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  1. It looks so cute! 😍 I love that it’s bright and I like the concept of a doodle page too πŸ‹ The titles of each page are so neat and bold looking! I’m not sure what my theme for June will be, I should have figured it out by now as I skipped May πŸ™„ but nope! πŸ˜‚ Anyway, Great post! πŸ’•

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