My Dream Travel Destinantions

What’s up everyone!

I’ve always wanted to travel. Whether it is by car, plane, train or whatever, just the fact that there are so many places in the world I haven’t seen yet makes me want to see them so badly! So with that being said I’ve put together a list a places I want to go!



OH MY WORD! Italy looks so pretty! Like all the little houses and canals! Ahhhh! I want to go there so bad! And on the plus side they have AMAZING food!




I’ve always wanted to go here! Probably because I’m part Dutch and it looks amazing! With all the tulips! It looks so pictures perfect!




Going to Israel would be so cool! Just seeing all the places that are in the bible would be awesome!


Bora Bora


Okay. Let me just say. ISN’T IT GORGEOUS! I know it’s like a tone of money to go there but like. WOW!




Okay so I know this is the most stereotypical place that every teenage girl wants to go but I mean who wouldn’t want to go here!


Yellowstone National Park


I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and I’ve been to Zion National Park, but this is the one place where I’ve always wanted to go! It looks so pretty and I want to see Old Faithful so bad!


Anchorage, Alaska


I WANT TO GO HERE SO BAD! My parents went there like 3 years ago and ever since I saw the pictures I’ve been wanting to go!


Bar Harbor, Main


This place looks so cute! It right on the ocean to which is AWESOME!


Alberta, Canada 


Talk about gorgeous!!! This place looks amazing! With all the mountains and super clear lakes! Ahhhhhh! I want to go!


Where have you traveled? Have you gone out of the country? Let me know it the comments!



34 thoughts on “My Dream Travel Destinantions

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  1. The only place I’ve been to before on your list is London 😂 All of these places look like an absolute dream! 😍✨ I dream of going to Iceland and New York 🌃 Great post 💕

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      1. My favourite thing about London, more than the sights/things to do is that it feels like home and a holiday at the same time as its where I’m from but I only occasionally visit now so it’s magical to me in a sense when I think of it combining those two 😂✨💕

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  2. Many of you dream destinations are also mine but, especially Israel and Italy!!I’ve thought about how cool it would be to visit the Holy Land and visit “ landmarks” in a way of the Christain religion.
    What a lovely post and thanks for sharing your dream destinations💗Recently I’ve been dreaming of going to Hawaii 🙂

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  3. Ahhh, absolutely lovely list!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Italy (I’ve always been intrigued by the history there, and the culture just fascinates me) , London (British accents are the best!! and I’ve always wanted to travel to England) and Israel (It’s a dream of mine to visit the Holy Lands and walk where Jesus might have walked. I think it would be an incredibly spiritual and amazing experience), as well.
    I have been to Yellowstone National Park, years ago. We used to live in Montana, and the mountains there are just mesmerizing. I miss their presence. I have also been to Canada and Alaska, when I was younger. Though where exactly in those places, I don’t remember. 🤷‍♀️
    Anyways, sorry for my rambling thoughts…
    Again, lovely post! Keep up the good work and have an amazing rest of your day. 🙂
    – Keziah

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    1. Ahhhh! Yes I love British accents! I know it would be so amazing to see where Jesus walked! That is so cool! I would love to live by mountains! Haha sounds like you’ve been all over the place! Thank you so much!

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  4. I love this list!! I’m going to Isreal next year (if Coronavirus allows), and I want to go to London soooo bad! I’ve also been to Yellowstone, and let me tell you, it’s AMAZING!! Definitely worth the trip!
    Thanks again for the post!

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  5. Oh man, my list is pretty much the same. I would love to travel! But I think I’d have to add Australia to your list. 😊 My sister and her family went to Bar Harbor Maine a couple years ago and loved it. They saw so many cool waterfalls and even a moose swimming! Lol

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  6. Love this list so much this is very similar to the places I wish to travel. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. But something I would have added would be Greece as that is somewhere I would love to go. Alberta looks amazing that is the first place I would go if I had a flight ticket to anywhere xxxxx

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  7. Those places are all so pretty!! I love traveling! My favorite places that I have traveled to are Colorado, Thailand, and Mozambique.
    I would love to tour around London too!! SO fun!
    -kaelyn 😛

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      1. Thailand was incredible! The reason I went to Thailand and Mozambique was for mission trips. They were both such amazing experiences.
        Of course, friend! Loved the post!
        -kaelyn 😛

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  8. I’ve been dreaming to visit Britian and Italy ever since I was a little kid. I’m dying for that day to come 😍 I would love to go to Canada as well maybe for some higher studies.
    Love this post ♥️✨

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