My Workout Routine| Collab With Hope Leilani

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Hiya Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great day!

 A few weeks ago I contacted Hope from Hope Leilani about doing a collab together and she said yes! Hope is a lifestyle+ wellness blogger who is such an inspiration to everyone! Her blog is so cute and encouraging! You guys should definitely check her out!  

Me and Hope decided to do a post about our workout routines! Over the past year I’ve been working out a lot more and it gives me so much more energy during the day. If you don’t workout I would totally suggest starting to! Even if it’s a little bit each day and it such a game changer!


I have different workouts for my arms, legs, cardio, and abs. So I thought I would do an individual section about each.

I never really did arms until a couple months ago and I can already see and improvement. The workout I do is super simple but effective!

. 10 bicep curls

. 10 hammer curls

. 10 chicken wings- that name always makes me laugh 😂

. 10 tricep extensions

Repeat 5 times


Legs are a big thing for me. Gaining muscle in my legs has always pretty hard. But doing this workout has helped me tremendously.

. 10 squats

. 10 lunges on each leg

. 10 calf raises

. 10 donkey kicks

. 10 jump squats

Repeat 5 times


I feel like everyone wants a good ab workout. One that will burn but feel so good after. This workout does that job for me!

. 10 sit ups

. 10 leg raises

. 30 second plank

. 10 hip dips

. 10 russian twists

. 10 bicycle kicks

Repeat 5 times


To be honest I hate doing cardio. Just going for run doesn’t appeal to me ya know. But doing this makes cardio more enjoyable.

. run for 5 minutes

. 20 jumping jacks

. 20 high knees

Repeat 5 times


There are definitely days were I just don’t feel like doing anything special or doing my regular workouts and that’s when I either just walk a mile or do a Popsugar workout.

If you like doing video workouts I would highly recommend Popsugars! They have so many different types of workouts and they’re all so fun and energizing! So go on Youtube and check them out!

That’s all guys! I had so much fun doing this collab! Don’t forget to check out Hopes blog! Have a great day!

What’s your workout routine? Let me know in the comments!



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