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Wedding Recap!

Hiya Everyone!

A couple weeks ago my brother got married!! Being that everything this year has been canceled for me I was beyond excited for this day. I thought I would share with you guys about preparing for the wedding and the day of! Hope you enjoy!


Friday was full of a lot of preparation. My family and I traveled up to where the wedding was and starting setting up tables, chairs, etc. It was really fun to do that with my now sister-in-laws family! And let me tell you, everything was gorgeous!! It was all super simple but it was sooooo pretty!

Isn’t that so pretty!
The centerpieces were so cute!

After everything was set up we all kind of chilled. My parents went to the house we were staying at to drop everything off and we set up little things here and there but mainly enjoyed relaxing because the next day would be hectic.

Around 5:30-6ish people started arriving for the rehearsal dinner. Me and my younger sister didn’t do anything in the wedding but we enjoyed watching people trying to figure out where to go!😂 After the rehearsal was done we went and ate BBQ! Ahhhhhhhh! It was amazing! I had hardly eaten at all that day so it was even better! We cleaned everything up and sat around a bonfire for awhile. I wish I had gotten a picture of it but I was so tired a literally almost fell asleep at the fire. But we then all hopped in the car and drove to the house we were staying at and crashed.


Saturday morning was actually really nice. The wedding wasn’t until late afternoon so we chilled and I had some coffee! *which was delicious I might add* Around 10 we started getting ready. I curled my hair first because I knew it would take awhile and then went off and did my makeup. Now I am by no means amazing at makeup. Like I just normally slap on some mascara and call it a day but I decided to branch out for the wedding and do a full face of makeup. And I was actually very surprised by how well it turned out!

Me, my sister, and nephew getting ready!

By this time it was close to 12 so I put my dress on and left to head over to the wedding venue with my sister and brother. Now when I say it was freezing……it was freezing. It was so pretty outside, but freezing😂. I mainly had a North Face sweatshirt on the entire time because I was cold and didn’t think about getting a cute wrap or anything. *Did I mention it was an outdoor wedding?*

Anyway, we got there, ate some food, and kind of chilled for awhile and helped out where we were needed. Then the guests started arriving. I hadn’t seen so many people in forever so it was really nice to talk to them.

The wedding started and it was beautiful! I cried. Shocking I know😂. But it genuinely was so perfect. After the wedding came my favorite part of any wedding ……..the reception!

Well technically pictures came first so here are some pictures!

My entire family!❤
This picture sums up our relationship with my brother
Me and my cousin
Me and my other cousin😂
Me, my cousin, my sister, and my other cousin😂

Once pictures were done * I was literally shivering* we went inside the tent, got our table and warmed up. The introductions happened. Then we ate. Which made me soooooo happy because all I had eaten that day was and apple and crackers. We had breakfast food which was delicious!! Then we talked to people and took some more pictures and then came the wedding speeches. Which were very funny. And then the dancing started. I. LOVE. DANCING. AT. WEDDINGS!😂 It is always so fun. The send off happened which was so pretty with sparklers.

Then everything was done, which made me sad but we still had to clean up everything and it was raining while we were cleaning up. But it was fun. I was completely exhausted by the time we left. But we went and got our stuff at the house and drove home.

It was such a fun time! It was sad but so enjoyable!

That’s all guys! Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely day!

What was your favorite part of this post? Do you have a sibling that’s married? Let me know in the comments!




25 responses to “Wedding Recap!”

  1. Ah, so gorgeous!!!! ❤

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  2. Lovely photos!! It sounds like a super great wedding!! I just love weddings. I was in a good amount when I was little, but haven’t gone to any, in awhile. I can’t wait for all my friends (and hopefully me!) to get married in the next couple of years! And YES! Dancing at weddings is AMAZING! I just adore dancing in general. If you love dancing at weddings, I bet that you’d just LOVE contra dancing. It’s basically old fashioned, social dances. Amazing.
    Anyways! Enough rambling. Lovely post! I really enjoyed it. You look so happy. Have a great day.
    -Keziah ❤

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    1. Thank you! I know! I’ve never been in a wedding but hopefully someday i will be! YESSSS! I’m so happy someone doesn’t find me loving to dance at wedding weird! lol! I do yea! Thanks so much Keziah! You have a great do as well!

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      1. Of course it’s not weird!! Embrace it!!
        And thank you!

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      2. Ahaha thank you! No problem!😊

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  3. Wow Ainsley, that sounds like soooo much fun!! I absolutely looovvveee weddings! In fact, we are hosting one at my house for a good family friend in early November!
    I love the decor for the reception! So pretty!!! And you and your family are so cute! You guys look like you have so much fun together~

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was thank you Grace! That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to host a wedding! We did! It was all so fun!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re so welcome! Yes, it will be fun! Aww that’s great, I’m so happy for your brother! Tell him congrats for me!🤪

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  4. Wow!!! It sounds like a lovely wedding!!

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  5. Looks like such a beautiful wedding. I send all the hope towards the newlyweds they they are blessed with a joyous marriage great photos 🙂

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    1. It was so beautiful! Thank you so much!😊❤️

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  6. Oh, how sweet! Everyone looks blissful. What a beautiful wedding your brother and his partner must have had, surrounded by everyone who loves them. A big congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot!😊 Have a lovely day!

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  7. Awww this looks like a beautiful wedding, congrats to ur bro and his wife! Dancing at a wedding sounds so fun, I really hope I can go to some weddings soon because I love them 🤩

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    1. Thank you so much Jasmin! I know! This was the first wedding I was able to go to this year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem! Ahh that’s so cool, glad you got to go to one this year 💗

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  8. So cute! You looked gorgeous!

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      1. No problem!

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  9. Vrose❤️🐢 Avatar

    Ah! I love weddings they are so fun! You looked beautiful! 💗

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  10. AWWW so pretty!! I loved all of these pictures and it sounded like it was such a beautiful wedding!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, love!
    -kaelyn 😛


  11. What a wonderful post!!! Congrats to your brother and his wife. 🥰 So glad that everything went well and that they were able to have it even amidst COVID-19!
    Also, I tagged you for the My Favorite Things Tag! You can check it out here:
    If you don’t want to do it, there’s absolutely no pressure.

    Have a great rest of your week! 😊



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