Baby Names I Love

Hiya Everyone!

I thought it’d be fun to tell you guys today about names that I love! If I ever have kids in the future I would love to name them one of these names! I hope you enjoy!

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Charlotte (Charlie)

I love the name Charlotte. It’s an older name but calling her Charlie would be so cute and add kind of a modern twist to it!

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I LOVE the name Ezra. I love unique biblical names and I feel like this is the perfect balance of normal and unique! It’s short but so cute!

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This is another example of a unique biblical name! I remember reading my bible and I saw this name and I was like I LOVE THAT NAME!

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Ahhhhh! I love this name! It’s so cute! I know a lot of people use Theo short for Theodore but I think Theo is soooo cute!

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I have loved the name Courtney forever! When I was younger I would always get so excited when I would meet someone named Courtney. It hold such a special place in my heart so if God ever blesses me with a little girl when I’m older. This is going to be her name!

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Okay so I know this name is really out of “style” but I think it’s so cute! And my Grandpa’s name was Albert so it would be perfect!

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So I am really close with my cousin and I always have said I either wanted to name a kid after her or have like a middle name after her but she always was like no don’t use my name! So when I heard Kesley I was like it’s perfect! It’s similar but not to much and it sounds so cute!

picture from pinterest


This is another name I have loved forever. It’s spunky and biblical which I love!

That’s all guys! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what other types of posts you want to see me do! Have a lovely day!

What’s your favorite baby name? Do you like these names? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. I love these names! My top baby names are all over the place, I love popular ones like Emma but also unique ones like Saylor! I love thinking about baby names for the future! Is it okay if I do a sinilar post and link your blog? Thanks! πŸ’œ

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