Baby Names I Love

Hiya Everyone!

I thought it’d be fun to tell you guys today about names that I love! If I ever have kids in the future I would love to name them one of these names! I hope you enjoy!

picture from pinterest

Charlotte (Charlie)

I love the name Charlotte. It’s an older name but calling her Charlie would be so cute and add kind of a modern twist to it!

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I LOVE the name Ezra. I love unique biblical names and I feel like this is the perfect balance of normal and unique! It’s short but so cute!

picture from pinterest


This is another example of a unique biblical name! I remember reading my bible and I saw this name and I was like I LOVE THAT NAME!

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Ahhhhh! I love this name! It’s so cute! I know a lot of people use Theo short for Theodore but I think Theo is soooo cute!

picture from pinterest


I have loved the name Courtney forever! When I was younger I would always get so excited when I would meet someone named Courtney. It hold such a special place in my heart so if God ever blesses me with a little girl when I’m older. This is going to be her name!

picture from pinterest


Okay so I know this name is really out of “style” but I think it’s so cute! And my Grandpa’s name was Albert so it would be perfect!

picture from pinterest


So I am really close with my cousin and I always have said I either wanted to name a kid after her or have like a middle name after her but she always was like no don’t use my name! So when I heard Kesley I was like it’s perfect! It’s similar but not to much and it sounds so cute!

picture from pinterest


This is another name I have loved forever. It’s spunky and biblical which I love!

That’s all guys! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what other types of posts you want to see me do! Have a lovely day!

What’s your favorite baby name? Do you like these names? Let me know in the comments!



37 thoughts on “Baby Names I Love

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  1. I love these names! My top baby names are all over the place, I love popular ones like Emma but also unique ones like Saylor! I love thinking about baby names for the future! Is it okay if I do a sinilar post and link your blog? Thanks! πŸ’œ

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  2. Those names are cute!! I’ve got some of my own picked out…I’ve always wanted my future kids to have unique, special names….I never was one to “go with the times”. I read The Princess Bride and absolutely fell in love with Buttercup and Westley’s baby’s name, Waverly. So, I’d love to name one of my little girls, Waverly Joy. We were watching a movie the other day, and a lot of the cast’s names were Norwegian. One of the last names stuck out to me…Storemyr. I think that would be a beautiful name for a little girl, too. So, yep. πŸ™‚ Those are my two favorites. Great post, this was fun!!! Have a lovely day. ❀

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  3. Love these names!! I have a really good friend named Ezra, and he is so sweet, so definitely love that name choice! I’ve also always loved the name Everly, so I want to name one of my future babies Everly Grace!
    This was such a fun post to read!! Love your blog so much!! 😘


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