Life/Blogging Update!

Hiya Everyone!

Todays post is going to be a little bit different! I thought I would give you guys a little life/blogging update! I can’t remember the last time I gave you all an update so let’s get into it!


Oh gosh, where do I even begin. So in short I haven’t been very consistent has I used to be. And it’s not that i’m busy anymore or can’t think of post ideas (I have plenty of those😂) i’m just not as motivated as I used to be ya know? I still love blogging and i’m not going to stop I just don’t have the motivation to sit down and write a post. I’m trying to get better and give you guys fun and consistent posts but for some reason i’m just out of it😂. So with that being said i’m taking a blog hiatus for the month of November. I just feel like I need to come up with better content for you guys and get more motivated. But don’t worry, I have some really exciting things planned for the months of December!

So I will finish up this month and then i’ll be fine for a month. I’ll still be liking posts and stuff like that ( maybe respond to some comments) but for the most part I will be gone. I hope you all understand!

BUT! On a more exciting note!!!!!!!!!!!I just hit 300 followers!! You guys are all so amazing and I love you! It’s crazy to think that at the beginning of the year I had 44 followers! 44! That is insane! But really I appreciate you all so much and would not be doing this without you!


Life has been really good lately! I thought I would share the main things that have been going on!

  • School has been good! It’s a little hard but I expected it to get harder!
  • I’m changing my room! Currently I share a room with 2 of my sisters but since my brother got married and moved out me and one of my sisters are getting his room and repainting it and stuff! Maybe i’ll do a post on it!
  • We had our first snow today! It was just flurries but I have MAJOR Christmas vibes! I mean I start celebrating Christmas early anyway but I am soooo excited for it now!
  • I got a job! I mentioned this in a post but yes! It’s so exciting! It’s at a salon and super fun!

That’s all guys! I hope your all having a wonderful day and staying healthy!



15 thoughts on “Life/Blogging Update!

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  1. Oh, yes, I totally understand, I haven’t been motivated to post for the last two month, but today I am actually getting back on it and writing a post.

    Also, congrats. And congrats on getting a job, I have been trying to get a job lately, but there are not too many jobs for 14-year-olds.

    And, yay, so exciting, I have been redecorating my room a little as well! (I will be doing a post about it in the future)

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  2. Awesome, and have a good break!!! Just let yourself be inspired by your surroundings and KEEP A NOTEBOOK HANDY!!! ANY ideas that you have, write them down!! You’ll totally appreciate it, later. 🙂
    Have a lovely November. 🙂 ❤

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