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Cute Winter Outfit Ideas + Winter Styling Tips|Blogmas Day 5

Hiya Guys

With Christmas right around the corner I thought I would give you guys some cute outfits ideas! These are outfits perfect throughout the winter as well! Hope you enjoy!

*pictures are from pinterest*

leggings and oversized shirt

These type of outfits are so cute! Just throw a longer top on whether it’s a cute t-shirt, hoodie, or a sherpa jacket it’s always such a good choice!

jean jacket over a sweatshirt

This is such a cute outfit! It’s easy, comfortable, and warm! You can easily pair it with leggings or jeans!

cozy scarf with fuzzy jacket

This is perfect if you’re going to be outside for awhile! It’s cute and looks SUPER comfy!

cute holiday sweater with any bottom

I love cute holiday sweaters! Sure we all love the funny ugly ones but the cute ones are so perfect to pair with cute jeans or a skirt!

flowy shirt and white top

If you’re going to a more fancy advent this is perfect! White shirts will go with pretty much anything! So if you have a festive skirt just style it with a simple white t!

jeans, sweater, scarf, and booties

This is like the most classis holiday outfit, I know. But it is so perfect! If you get hot you can easily take off the scarf and trust me, booties go with everything!

velvet top with jeans

Okay this has to be my favorite outfit. I love dressing up but with all the holiday gatherings and parties sometimes I just want to be causal but still cute ya know! That is why this is perfect! Velvet is super in right know too!


I love winter fashion! So I thought I’d give you all some tips!

  • I think I said something like this in my fall post like this but stick to the winter colors. White, navy blue, red, green. But pastels are SUPER popular so don’t feel restricted if you want to branch out with it a bit!
  • Layer up! Throwing a flannel or a jean jacker over a hoodie or sweater is okay! It’s cute and it will keep you warm!
  • Don’t always stick to boots! Yes, we all love are boots and they go with everything, but try breaking it up and wear canvas shoes like converse, vans, and shoes like that!
  • Remember the scarfs and hats! Bennies are really in right know and scarfs always spruce up an outfit!

That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed! Love you all!

What was your favorite outfit? Let me know in the comments!




9 responses to “Cute Winter Outfit Ideas + Winter Styling Tips|Blogmas Day 5”

  1. ahhh if only I had all these clothes in my closet 🤩 Lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right!!!! Thank you!😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Through Kelly's Camera Avatar
    Through Kelly’s Camera

    Love these ideas a lot! And Pinterest outfit inspiration is always great 😍

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  3. I love the jean jacket over sweatshirt, and the jeans-sweater-booties one! I’m a sucker for denim, curly hair, and sweaters!!🤣

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  4. The most darling fits! So chic. I love a good white blouse with jeans and my pearl and diamond encrusted denim jacket. A double denim moment is such a classic look and keeps you warm in the cooler months. Although here in Australia, we’re very much still in summer! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! That sounds so cute! Awww at least the weather is nice!


  5. All these outfits are beautiful! You styled them perfectly💗

    Liked by 1 person

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