My Morning Routine + I Need Your Help *lol*

Hiya Friends!

I thought it’d be cool to show you all what my morning routine is! It’s very basic and not super exciting but I thought I’d share it anyways! Also I was going to take pictures of everything because I don’t want to use pictures from pinterest for every post but I completely forgot so you’re getting pinterest pictures! Anyway enjoy!

7:45- Wakeup

I can wakeup pretty easily but I do like to lay in bed for a little while after I wake up.

8:00- Bible Time

After I lay in bed for a bit I normally get to the bathroom and take out my retainers. When I come back I have my bible time and journal. I’ve been trying to make a point of doing it every morning and I feel like when I do it right after I get up that’s when I’m most likely to do it.

8:15- Breakfast

After my bible time I go down stairs and have breakfast. Sometimes I don’t even have it because I’m not hungry in the early morning but if someone makes pancakes or waffles I will 100% eat! lol

8:30- Start School

I normally start school round 8:30 it all really depends on what I do for breakfast. But I’ll do my english, history, and writing first.

9:20- Get Ready For The Day

Once the first part of my school is down I’ll go and get changed, brush my teeth, do my hair, etc.

9:30- The Rest Of My School

Then I go and finish the rest of my school like math, science, and Spanish. I finish my school around 11:00 or 11:30 and by that time it’s around lunch time so then I eat.

I hope you enjoyed hearing my morning routine! And now what I need your help with…….

So………..I have like 0 blog post ideas. My brain is sooooooooooooo fried right now. Which is funny because I had a lot and then I took my break and now I am fried. Anyway I want you guys to tell me what you want to see. If it’s blog post ideas, a specific genera of posts, etc. It would help so much! And I hate asking for your guys help but my brain had no ideas so I would appreciate it if you would tell me what you want to see! Thanks you guys!

What’s your morning routine? Do have you any ideas for me? Let me know in the comments!



7 thoughts on “My Morning Routine + I Need Your Help *lol*

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  1. My morning routine is exactly the same as yours, except add in a few extra hours before, that’s usually when I workout and shower. Also, I usually read my bible at night, but I’ve been thinking about doing it in the morning.

    Also, for ideas: your favorite ways to calm down. activities to do when you’re bored, night routine.


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