Ways To Make Money As a Teenager

Hiya Friends!

Making money as a teen can be a bit of a struggle. I’m lucky because I got a job that hires young and they are very flexible with my schedule so I only work twice a week. But I know a lot of teenagers don’t have the time to go get a job and/or don’t want to get a job but still wants to make money somehow. So here are some ways you can easily make money as a teen!

sell clothing on poshmark

This way is so easy. It’s a great way to make money and get rid of old clothes you don’t need. Poshmark is an app where you can sell your clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. So many people do this as a way of making money and you’d be surprised how quickly you can sell things.


This is the most classic way for teenagers yo earn money but it’s one of the best ways! People are always looking for someone to watch their kids even if it’s just for a night it a couple times a per week. It’s a really good option!

And it doesn’t have to be for a family too. I’ve babysat for a moms bible study at a church by my house for a awhile and it’s a great way to make connections if those people are looking for someone to watch their kids!

start a shop

This is another amazing way. Whether you’re selling stickers, art, accessories, photography, etc this is a huge market right now for teens to make money. A lot of my blogging friends have their own Etsy shops. It may take awhile to get one up and running but if it’s something you really want to do you’ll make it happen!

I hope this helps you guys! Have a absolutely wonderful rest of your day!

Do you have any advice for me or other people on how to make money? Drop a comment below to let us know!



22 thoughts on “Ways To Make Money As a Teenager

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  1. These are great ideas! I’ve done babysitting, but I enjoy selling on Etsy more. Right now, I’m planning an online event to help teens grow their businesses, so that’s been fun too!

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  2. Such great ideas! As a teenager it can be hard to find something that will fit with your schedule! I’ve decided that I’ll actually be teaching private ballet lessons! My dream job is to become a ballet teacher, and It’s already something I love to do. I can’t wait to start saving money (lol)

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  3. These are great ideas Ainsley! I just recently found you and your content through your intro on Christina’s blog and loved it I’d love it if you could support me too!! I definitely want to start babysitting, but I think i’ll wait until the pandemic is over! Maybe do a post about tips for babysitting in a pandemic? Great post!! ❤

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