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Follow The Son Etsy Shop Review

Hey Queens!

I have such an exciting post for you all today!

So about a month ago I contacted the Etsy shop called Follow The Son asking them if they would like to partner together and they said yes! They loved the idea of partnering in exchange for a blog post review! Follow The Son is a Christian clothing brand and all their proceeds go to a non-profit organization! So here is the review!

the review

I ordered the God Is Good crew neck sweatshirt which was $24 which is so nice and affordable! It came pretty quickly, I think like a week after I ordered it.

this is like the cutest packaging ever!!

It was packaged so nicely and she added a few extra goodies in it as well!

This sweatshirt is one of the comfiest things! The quality is so good and the embroidered “God Is Good” looks amazing! I got a size L because I like the oversized style and it fits so perfectly!

Overall I am in love with this sweatshirt! And Follow The Son was such a joy to work with!

Now for a little surprise for you! Follow The Son gave me a discount code for you to use!

Use the code:


And you’ll get 10% off your order!

Follow The Son is such an amazing company is such and amazing company and their clothing is awesome! Checking them out would make a huge impact on them! 



That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post! Love you all!

Do you like the sweatshirt? Did you check out Follow the Son? Let me know in the comments!




13 responses to “Follow The Son Etsy Shop Review”

  1. I checked out the shop and it looks cute! Hopefully I can get something soon. How long does the code last?
    Also, I just wanted to let you know that in your post after you said, “And you’ll get 10% off your order!” There is a typo in the next paragraph. You repeated a phrase twice. Just thought you should know.

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    1. Aw thank you so much! Doesn’t it! I believe there is no expiration date on the code but I can ask! Thank you so much! I looked and didn’t see it but I can try and fix it because it may pop up on some people and not on others but thank you for letting me know! I appreciate it girl!

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  2. ooo looks like a really fun shop! i’ll check it out!
    also gurlllll i can’t get over how pretty u are like goshhhh not fair!! 😍

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    1. you totally should! oh my gosh you just made day grace! thank you so much!

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      1. yess fo sho!!
        aww im glad! ur so stunning girl!

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  3. I love this sweatshirt, so cute! And your photography 😍😍😍… gorgeous like always! x

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    1. aw thank you so much!

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  4. Hi friends! I’m Mollia, the founder of Follow the Son. I started this company in 2018 after following a dream to donate to local charities Every order is greatly appreciated as 100% of proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations! Thus far, we have shipped to ~36 states and donated to 9 different food pantries totaling to $4,400! Feel free to check out our website ( ) and grab something you love! Ainsley, you are so sweet and kind. We are so thankful for your support and this amazing review! Use: AINSLEY10 for 10% off your order!!!

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  5. this is so cute!! i love the color and fit of the crew neck 🤩

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    1. I know right! It’s so adorable! You should definitely check them out!

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