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2021 review + my goals for 2022

hey queens!

happy new year! i hope you all had an amazing 2021. I still can’t believe that just like that the year is over. It makes me sad but yet excited at the same time for all new new memories i’ll make this year. so here is my 2021 in pictures!


2021 was one of the best in my opinion. so many great things happened. i love looking back at the things that happened so i can relive them. so here are some of my favorite moments.

  1. had 2 volleyball seasons. being that in 2020 my volleyball season was canceled i had a season during the spring of 2021 and then i had my normal season in the fall. it was so much fun and i grew so much as a player and as a person. i can’t wait for my season this year!
  2. went to nationals. for volleyball we went to nationals!! it was so much fun. we went to Omaha, Nebraska for it. we got third place in our division and i made all tournament!
  3. made a lot of new friends. between volleyball, events i attended, and people i had already met. so many new relationships were made and old ones were made stronger.
  4. started a shop on instagram. yeah i never said anything about it on here just because it’s not really something that my readers would buy at the moment. but i started a wedding sign shop! i make chalkboard and wood wedding signs! it’s a little slow right now just because it’s not really wedding season but if you want to check me out go look at signsbyainsley on insta!
  5. went to a christian music festival. i’ve been a couple times before but it was so good! it’s always one of my favorite things to do during the summer and it’s so much fun to worship with other believers and just jam to all the artist there.
  6. watched a lot of sunsets. i love sunsets so much and every time i would see one that was really bright i would watch it until the sun went down.


okay. i’ve never been one to set goals and finish them but i really, really want to make a point to finishing all my goals this year.

  1. read and finish 15 books. i’m so bad at not finishing books. i’ll pick it up and be really into it and then half way through i’ll just stop so i really want to make a point to finishing the entire thing.
  2. write down the best part of each day. i’ve obviously already started this one but i think it would be so cool to look back at the best part of each day at the end of the year.
  3. learn how to drive. i would have started last year but to be honest i kinda of forgot about it so this year i want learn how to drive.
  4. get 15 sales for my shop. it may seam like a little but wedding signs are big aND bulky so I won’t be doing a ton of them so i feel like 15 would be a solid number to accomplish.
  5. bible journal more. i try to bible journal a lot but it just doesn’t happen so i want to try doing it at least once a week.

well that’s all queens! i hope this year is the best one yet for all of you! have a amazing day!

what are your goals for 2022? what was the best part of 2021? let me know in the comments!




19 responses to “2021 review + my goals for 2022”

  1. LOVE this post so much! Big goal is to maybe knock a National Park visit off my list. Best part of 2021 is SO hard to pick… maybe JAF or the music festival!

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  2. I love this!! One of my favorite parts of 2021 was moving to meeting new friends and starting high school. And a goal I have for 2022 is to host an online event for teen business owners with 500 attendees!

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    1. that’s awesome and it sounds amazing!


  3. Thank you for sharing!



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      1. it’s from Ross but I dont know what brand it is sorry!❀

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    2. stop you’re so sweet! thank you!!

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  5. I love the pictures!!! Great goals as well! Happy 2022!

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  6. LOVED this post, Ainsley!!! It was so cute! I am glad that you had such a great year and here’s to yet another amazing one for you!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. aww thank you so much!!! hope you have an amazing year as well!


  7. Ooh!! Happy 2022!! hope you have a lovely new year girl!! 🀍

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    1. happy new year to you too!❀

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  8. Loved reading this post! Happy new year!!

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  9. Love this post!
    The pictures are so vibrant and alive.
    And your goals are β™‘β™‘

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