Thrifting Tips!

Hiya Friends! I love going to thrift stores. It's a great way to find clothes at a cheep price. A lot of people don't like thrifting which I 100% understand but you can find so many hidden treasures there it's honestly so surprising. So here are some tips for when you go thrifting to help... Continue Reading →

Productive Things To Do + Tips!

Hiya Everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I feel like productivity is a big thing right now. Maybe it's because it's the new year but it's always a good thing to be productive instead of scrolling mindlessly through instagram, pinterest, etc! So I thought I would give you guys a list... Continue Reading →

10 Random Facts About Me

Hey Everyone! So over the course of 2020 I gained a LOT of new followers so I thought I would tell you guys a bit about me but things that are really random. I don't know why I feel like just telling you random things but hey you will learn more about me so enjoy!... Continue Reading →

My Current Favorite Songs

Hey Guys! I thought today I would share with you guys my favorite songs! I have been LOVING worship songs lately so here are my current favorites! king of my heart- bethel music I have loved this song for a really long time and just recently heard it on the radio again and fell in... Continue Reading →

My 2021 Bucket List

Hey Everyone! I thought it'd be cool to share with you today what's on my 2021 bucket list! Now granted most of these things wont happen but if they did it would be a dream come true! Let's get into it! go visit my brother at college My brother just left to go back but... Continue Reading →

2020: A Year End Review

Hello Everyone! With 2020 over I thought it was time to do a lookback on 2020. I know I lot of people think that this was the worst year ever. Which with all the COVID stuff and everything else, yes it was. But in my opinion 2020 was actually a really fun year! I learned... Continue Reading →

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