Bible Journaling Inspiration

Hiya Fam! I love bible journaling! It's a great way to really remember a verse that stood out to you or just to make your bible more colorful! So I thought I would give you guys some inspiration! Enjoy! *all pictures are from Pinterest*   Aren't all of these so cute!! I love the look... Continue Reading →

I Think It’s Time For A Q&A!

Hiya Guys! I have had sooooo many new people follow my blog lately and I think it's time for a Q&A! Last time I did one was I think last June and a lot of different people have come since then. So let me hear your questions! I don't care how many you do....the more... Continue Reading →

Monster Cookie Recipe!

Hiya Fam! The other day I was going through old recipes and I stumbled across this one! I remembered my mom making these a lot when I was younger and I loved them when I was little. So I decided to make them again. And OH MY GOODNESS! They are amazing! So I thought I... Continue Reading →

Tips For Incoming Freshmen

Hiya Fam! As someone who was a freshmen last year I know there are a lot of uncertainties coming into high school. High school was a lot harder then I expected so I thought that maybe I could give advice for people who are starting high school to make it a bit easier! These tips... Continue Reading →

August B.U.J.O!

Hiya Fam! Okaaaaaaaayyyyyyy. It's August??? I am shocked! I feel like it was the beginning of July yesterday. Well I just hope that these last 5 months don't go by super fast. Anyway, i'm finally posting my bullet journal post. I normally post it a couple days before the first of the month but I... Continue Reading →

Summer Breakfast Ideas

Hiya Fam! I feel like I haven't posted in forever but its only been a week!­čśé I was on vacation so I couldn't post or respond to comments. Sorry 'bout that. But anyway i'm back! I thought it'd be fun to give you some idea for breakfast! I looooovvvveeeee breakfast food. It is so yummy!... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Starbucks Drinks

Hiya Fam! I think that might be what I say at the beginning of every post now.­čśé Anyway, my friend Cassia over at┬áCassia Elisabeth did a post like this awhile back and I thought it was super cool! So I thought I would steel the idea * but give┬áCassia the credit of course* and do... Continue Reading →

My Dream Closet

Hiiii everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I thought it would be fun today to show you all my dream closet! I love going through Pinterest and finding cute outfits that i'd love to have or find to recreate. So let's get into it! *all pictures are from pinterest* Comfy I love being comfy!... Continue Reading →

How To Stay Healthy This Summer

  Hi Everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far! I always try and stay healthy during the summer. Well I should be trying to stay healthy all the time but something about summer always motivates me to do things. Idk. But anyway I thought i'd be cool to do a... Continue Reading →

Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Hi Everyone! Hope you guys are have an enjoyable summer so far! I thought I'd be cool to do a post for summer hairstyles! During the summer I always want my hair off my neck and out of my face! But has someone who is horrible at hair it can be hard. That is unless... Continue Reading →

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