Life Update + Photo Dump Part 2

Hey Queens! I know, I know...I kinda forgot to post for like 3 weeks but I was busy and also just didn't feel like posting but I'm back now so I figured I give you a life update. The last one I did was right before Easter so it's been awhile. But you guys really... Continue Reading →

My Spring Favorites

Hey Queens! I've seen a lot of other bloggers to post like this. Just posts at the end of a season of stuff that they've enjoyed and I always love reading those so I thought I do a post like it! All of my stuff is very random so if you like hearing about random... Continue Reading →

Summer Skincare Tips!

Hey Queens! With summer here, which I am beyond excited for, comes some extra things you should be doing for you skin! Taking care of your skin is really important and during the summer with the sun being out and stronger it's very important to keep it healthy and glowing! So here are some tips... Continue Reading →

Words Of Encouragement

Hiya Queens! I'm sorry for not posting for like 2 weeks. To be honest I kind of forgot! But it was a nice a break and I thought I would come back to give you all some encouragement! I got these all from pinterest but I have saved some of these and have had them... Continue Reading →

Summer Fashion Inspo + Tips

Hey Queens! I thought I'd give you some summer fashion inspiration and tips! You guys always seem to love these posts so I thought I'd do one again! I love getting ready for summer and getting new clothes so lets get into the post! inspiration For shorts, shirts, dresses, shoes, etc. I always try and... Continue Reading →

My 2021 Summer Bucket List

Hey Queens! I am so excited for summer! Spring is full blown here and it is just getting me into the summer vibes. I thought I'd share with you all today my summer bucket list. I did one last year and completed like 3/4 of it which I was very proud of so this year... Continue Reading →

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