Dream With Me: What I Want For Christmas|Blogmas Day 1

Hiya Everyone! It's my first post in 12 Days of Blogmas! I am so excited for it! I thought I would kind of do like a two in one post! A Dream With Me and a Blogmas post! Anyway, I thought I would tell you guys what I want for Christmas! And that's why it's... Continue Reading →

Dream With Me: Wedding

Hiya Fam! It is time to do a dream with me post! This one is a little different then the last one but I think almost every girl can relate to this one. Enjoy! *pictures are from Pinterest* Yup. Getting married, having a wedding, etc. I know this is literally the most typical thing girls... Continue Reading →

Dream With Me: Van Life

Hiya Fam! So I was thinking the other day about how all of us have all these dreams to travel the world, become a mom, live in a nice house, start a business and so on. And I thought it would be a cool idea to share my dreams with you guys! So I guess... Continue Reading →

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