Room Decorating Ideas + Tips

Hiya Friends! Recently I moved into a new room with my sister and we are in the process of redecorating. So I thought I'd pop on here and give you some ideas for your room plus some tips! Enjoy! ideas First up is what color. Me and my sister had no idea on what we... Continue Reading →

Bake With Me: Protein Balls

Hiya Friends! I thought I would start a new "series" and do a bake with me! It'll be sporadic and thrown within the rest of my posts but I thought it'd be fun! So today I thought I'd show you the protein balls I make! The recipe that I'm going to share I found but... Continue Reading →

Self Care Ideas

Hiya Friends! I feel like self care or spa days are a really big things right now! It’s good to take care of your body and have a fun spa night every once in awhile so here are some ideas! Enjoy! workoutdo a face maskread a booktake a bubble bath do a fun skin care... Continue Reading →

Bible Journal With Me

Hiya Friends! I thought I'd be fun today to do a bible journal with me! I love doing this so much because it's so encouraging to go through my bible and see what verves stood out to me while I read my bible on previous days. I'll also show you what bible journal and markers... Continue Reading →

Thrifting Tips!

Hiya Friends! I love going to thrift stores. It's a great way to find clothes at a cheep price. A lot of people don't like thrifting which I 100% understand but you can find so many hidden treasures there it's honestly so surprising. So here are some tips for when you go thrifting to help... Continue Reading →

Productive Things To Do + Tips!

Hiya Everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I feel like productivity is a big thing right now. Maybe it's because it's the new year but it's always a good thing to be productive instead of scrolling mindlessly through instagram, pinterest, etc! So I thought I would give you guys a list... Continue Reading →

10 Random Facts About Me

Hey Everyone! So over the course of 2020 I gained a LOT of new followers so I thought I would tell you guys a bit about me but things that are really random. I don't know why I feel like just telling you random things but hey you will learn more about me so enjoy!... Continue Reading →

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